Adding Embellishments To Other Embellishments

Yes, I've pulled out my Christmas embellishments! I have a show the weekend after Thanksgiving, so I'm putting together as many Christmas gifts and cards as I can in the next few weeks. These are some card stock die cuts I've collected, but they're pretty boring this way, right?

But here's what happens when you add some metal brads as decoration. Just stick them through the paper behind them and you won't have to use any other adhesive.

A few pieces of leftover threads make amazing garland. Tuck the ends to the back and tape them down.

Some metal eyelets will let you see a little of the color of the background paper, or you could string your thread through them, too. 

This one is my favorite. String some beads and wrap them at an angle around the tree. Cut each one to make several individual strands so the back isn't so bulky. That will make the back more flat so you can adhere it well.

What embellishments do you have that you could add to old embellishments to make new embellishments?


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