'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus

There is something sweet and peaceful about trusting in Jesus. Being able to cast all your cares upon Him and rest in His perfect will is a beautiful thing.

This will be my last week at my job. My fibromyalgia is out of control, and the stress of the newsroom is compounding the issue. I chose to take care of myself and my body by turning in my resignation, and Friday will be my last day.

This is a scary proposition if you don't know my God. Walking away from a steady paycheck can be daunting if you don't have complete faith that the Lord is in charge of your life. Leaving behind a career you've built over the past 20 years can be sad if you aren't excited about the path God is leading you down.

I'll be working from home, running our Etsy shop full time along with my blog and enjoying being a housewife again. It is so amazing to be back in the perfect will of God. There are so many possibilities ahead.

Please pray with me that I will continue to surrender my life to His plan for me. It's an exciting change, and I look forward to seeing what this path will bring.


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