Sunday Sketch

With all of these holidays in the past couple of months, it's no wonder that today's sketch looks like a wrapped package. I guess I just have gifts on the brain!

There are two ways you can approach this sketch - it's sort of an optical illusion. You can 1. put a solid color on the back and vary the patterns on top to make the lines of color between them, or 2. put a pattern on the back and put two strips of color as the "wrapping ribbon."

Either way, one large image at the junction of the papers ties it all together like a pretty package.

For my example, I used a large, square magnet as my background and covered with with a bright pink paper. Then I cut four different prints to make my building blocks.

The image is cut from a piece of the coordinating paper, which I might add, is a great way to find images that will automatically match everything else. This is one of those crafter's issues that always bogs me down.

Then I added a vellum phrase to the side and a sparkling gem in each corner.

You can find this magnet, along with many other paper crafts and wood gifts, in our Etsy shop. Come visit us soon!


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