Sunday Sketch

Here's a sketch that lets you have fun with fibers!

A strip across the middle of the card is balanced by a trio of fibers on the side. One might be enough for your card, or you might want more, depending on how thick they are.

The image on the middle strip can be a phrase, a picture or just a design that you really like. The width of the strip will be dependent on this image, so choose wisely.

Also, play around with your backgrounds. Mix patterns and solids, or use the same pattern in different colors.

For my card, I chose three different patterns from a collection of papers already coordinated. That made mixing them easy — yeah, I'm lazy that way.

I used two chalkboard-themed images for my designs, each printed on card stock. The fibers are twine — I wish I had used something a little thinner, though, because the paper buckled a little at the top where I folded it over. Next time!

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