Altered Notebook Prayer Journal With Denim Pocket

I've wanted to do this project for ages. I found the perfect pair of girls' jeans at Goodwill and had the notebook on the shelf for weeks.

And that's where they stayed.

That's no fun, is it? So I sat down last week and had a great time putting this prayer journal together.

I started by carefully cutting the pocket off the pants with sharp scissors. The backing is still on it so there's an actual denim pocket, not just the look of one.
After layering the paper and inking the edges, I attached the pocket with hot glue. It took a good amount to keep it on, but not so much that it would overrun the edges or get the paper wet and messy.

There's a fine line with hot glue.

So now this prayer journal has a special pocket on the front for pens, pencils, erasers, photos or anything else you'd like to tuck away.

And I still have the other pocket to play with!

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