Get Ready for Back to School Crafts

We're in those final few days until school starts. Everyone is stocking up on supplies, getting in one last vacation and picking out the perfect back to school outfit.

You can also put some back to school touches on your paper crafting now, too. Choose some really great themed elements and make them front and center.

Patterned paper can make a great background or it can be used for just a touch of color. Some strategically placed letters will make any card school-themed.

What are your students favorite parts of school? Use them to make a special, personalized card just for them. Include favorite classes, lunches, friends and activities as the theme for your card.

And you definitely don't have to stick with cards. Decorate a notebook for them to take to school. Wrap up a pen and pencil set. Coordinate all their school supplies or make a special, one-of-a-kind piece.

The cards and notebook here can all be found in our Etsy shop. Visit for more cards, paper crafts and wood gifts.


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