Fall Paper Crafts For Upcoming Art Show

It's an exciting time around our house right now. We're going to have a booth at Walk On Art Street in mid-September, and we're crafting like crazy to have it fully stocked.

Danny's going to have his handmade pens along with lots of Christmas and other Christian-themed wood crafts. There are some gorgeous Christmas tree ornaments that will just knock your socks off.

And as you know, I'm in a fall frame of mind. And with the art show just before the first day of autumn, the timing works out perfectly.

So I've been putting together lots of pieces with a fall flair. These colors and textures are my favorites, so it's not like work at all. You'll recognize one of them from last weekend's sketch.

My favorite, though, is the first of several autumn notebooks. This one is a prayer journal, and there will also be praise journals and plain notebooks, each with some great Scriptures on the covers.

We'll have quite a variety of cards and gifts in the booth, but it will be nice to start off the fall season with something special.


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