Fall Flowers From The Dollar Store

I'm beyond ready for fall. It's been a fairly cool summer, but it would still be nice to feel that chilly bite of autumn first thing in the morning.

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the colors and I love all the things that happen in nature when it starts getting cold.

I started my autumn decorating this weekend with a very simple floral arrangement - and it's even better because everything I used in it came from the dollar store.

If you're choosy, you can find some really great bargains at the dollar store. The home decor section is one of them, but you really have to pay attention. The flowers themselves can be a little beaten up because they're made of lower quality fabric. They look great, so pick ones that aren't bent or misshapen. Also make sure everything is intact and accounted for.

For my arrangement, I picked out three flower stems, each one with two different kinds of flowers on it. They're a mix of plain flowers and some berries and leaves. Look for those instead of plain flowers because they're better for mixing and matching.

I also got a metal bucket and some moss. I already had some floral foam at home, so I just broke it up and put it in the bottom.Then I put a layer of moss in and started with my flowers. I always cut them off the thick bottom stem so I can do more with them. There's nothing sillier than a stem of flowers stuck in a vase.

So this adorable little autumn floral arrangement cost me a total of $5. I love it!


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