Someone Else's Message

This Spurgeon quote is at the top of our bulletin every Sunday morning. I agree whole-heartedly, and I love seeing it there, reminding me to worship the Lord through actually listening to the preacher's message.

But aren't there times when we listen half-heartedly, when we think, "Well, I hope someone here is getting something out of this. It's definitely not for me"?

I already tithe, so I don't need to hear a message about tithing.
I'm not in a storm, so I don't need to hear a sermon about weathering the storm.
I don't cheat or lie or swear, so I don't need to hear messages about those sins.
I think our family's doing pretty great, so I don't need to hear a sermon about strengthening the family.
I'm not bitter or angry in my soul, so I don't need to hear a message about clinging to God more than ever.

It must be someone else's message.

Or is it?

Just because I'm not going through a storm right now doesn't mean I won't be in the center of one before the day is out. How much better I could weather it if I had the preacher's words already tucked away in my heart?

I may work as hard as I can not to cheat or lie or swear, but can I show someone who does the places in the Bible that call that a sin? I may be able to through the hearing a sermon.

And it may be well with my soul this morning, but will the words of a sermon echo through my heart when it's not so well? Will the Word of God spoken through His servant at the pulpit be the help I need in a dark hour?

There are a lot of what-if's here, but do you really want to risk it?

If I have the opportunity to grow my relationship with the Lord, I want to take it!
If I have the chance to make myself a better Christian, woman, wife and friend, I want to do it!
And if I have the moment arise when I can share what I've heard with someone in need, I want to use it!

That sounds like the worship of God to me. And it makes me want to sit up a little straighter in the pew and listen a little more closely when the preaching starts.

Who knows what I might learn!


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