One of Those "Ah Ha" Moments

 Did you ever have one of the moments where you see something and wonder why you never thought of that? It's so blissfully simple, but it just never crossed your mind.

I saw a picture of a t-shirt drawer and it looked very much like this one. This is most of Danny's t-shirt collection from over the years, but I absolutely hate these drawers. It's impossible for him to see what all is in there, and they never stayed folded up and looking nice.

And then ...

The answer was so easy, but I sure never thought about it. Just fold them small, like you're packing a suitcase, and then store them vertically instead of horizontally.

It's very much like either looking through a pile of CDs or flipping them all up on end to see the name written on the spine.


It saves an incredible amount of space - he has a whole empty drawer now. Plus, he can see all of the shirts at a glance and know what he has. I guess I could have organized them by color ... or size ... or how often he wears them ... or by when he wears them.

But I have my limits.


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