This Week On The Carrell Wildlife Refuge

We knew we had deer. And lots of turkeys. And squirrels, birds and rabbits. There was a shrew in the entryway a couple of weeks ago. And I've seen more creeping, crawling, slithering things than I ever imagined. Plus there was the surprise of our coyotes - my sweet nursery of babies still practices howling every night.

 The newest addition to the Carrell Wildlife Preserve is our clan of beavers. They've built a couple of dens in the bank at the far end of the big pond, and they're incredibly impressive.

 However, they're in the process of preparing for winter. We never see them, and I've never heard them, but they're systematically piling up trees from our woods. We've got plenty, but I wasn't really planning on sharing them.

There are several places throughout the woods that look like this - you can actually see the tooth marks in the stump. I think it's fascinating that they've chosen our property for their home, I just didn't realize exactly what they'd be doing. Maybe we should plant the beavers their own little forest and they wouldn't chew ours down.


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