The Sweetest Sandwiches Ever!

They're the sweetest sandwiches ever because they're made of cake and frosting!

This is a very simple, very sweet idea that will get you through the entire holiday season.

Make a pan of miniature shapes that corresponds to the holiday. This leaves, ornaments, snowflakes, stars, even hearts and flowers after the first of the year.

Once they've cooled, slice them in half across the middle. You may need to shave a little off the back side so they're flat, too.

Then spread or pipe frosting onto the bottom layer and put it back together. Simple, but yummy and adorable!

For these fall leaves I used a spice cake with buttercream frosting in the middle. And yes, I actually had a few left to share after I got done taste-testing them.

Let me know what shapes, flavors and combinations you choose!


  1. Hi Laura,

    These are darling and a cute, different idea for the constant what should I take dilemma.

    Where did you get the little cake pans for the shapes or did you use a cookie cutter or knife?

    Mary Cline

  2. Aren't they darling? This is my favorite miniature cake pan - especially because of the fall theme.

    It's a NordicWare pan, so you should be able to find it at any of the kitchen stores that carries that line. I'd be looking now, though, because they'll be replacing fall with winter soon, if they already haven't.

    You could use a shape cutter, but I haven't the patience for that! =)

    Thank you , Mary!


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