A Weekend of Freeing Your Roots

The plant in the dining room bay window was dying.

The leaves were turning yellow and folding up on themselves. I tried watering it, not watering it, turning it to give it better light - nothing worked. It was just fading away.

And then I bought a new hanging pot for it. It took at least five minutes to release my plant from its plastic container, the one that it came in over a year ago.

This picture is what it looked like when it was finally free of that strangled pot it was living in. The roots are huge and they were trying desperately to find somewhere to go. Instead, they had to wrap up and strain against the sides of the plastic looking for room to grow.

I feel like this some days. I've pressed myself down into the little container of day-to-day living, and I end up stunting my own growth and forcing the roots of my soul to struggle to breathe.

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. John 8:36

Make this a weekend of getting out of your little pot. Free yourself to breathe, look at others instead of self, enjoy the sunshine and truly live for God all weekend long. There is no joy or growth in the container of self. Break free and see what the Lord can do with your life for two whole days.


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