Variations on a Decorating Theme

It's amazing how different people can look at the same things and use them in completely different ways. You and I could look at the same furniture, flowers or scrapbooking supplies and never come close to creating the same results.

Last weekend's ladies retreat at the church was the perfect example of this creativity. Some amazingly wonderful ladies created small displays around the entire church, focusing on the fall season and our theme of sewing.

They thought of some layering and color combinations that I never would have dreamed of. They were absolutely beautiful - and perfect for the occasion. 

A simple table can become a conversation piece with a few themed accents. A collection of fall became a tiny hideaway at the bottom of the steps. Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest impact.

Our sewing theme was so much fun - pun completely intended. This is my mother-in-love's sewing machine, which the ladies lovingly decorated with their sewing supplies.

Even the top of the piano received a touch of the theme. Quilts and sewing notions were everywhere, and the ladies created special scenes in each nook and corner.

You probably have a themed collection that is just begging to be arranged in your own home. See what might be tucked away and bring it out to create something special.


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