How To Know When You're Too Busy

It should be fairly obvious to tell when you're too busy. Certain signs should just be talking to you in bright, flashing neon. But maybe we're just too busy to notice that we're too busy...

What are these things we should notice when we're overbooked, scheduled too tightly and busy beyond belief?

1. It takes five pieces of paper and half a dozen calendars just to figure out where you're supposed to be right now.

2. You're already thinking about the next task while still performing the first one.

3. The things that the Lord has called you to do have been put on the shelf while you tackle other projects.

4. Friends and family think you've been exiled to Patmos because they haven't seen you in ages.

5. Your time in Bible study and prayer has turned into glancing and hasty comments.

6. The dogs growl at you when you come home every night because they barely recognize you anymore.

7. It's harder and harder to prioritize your to-do list because you can't remember the purpose and meaning behind everything you've scheduled yourself for.

8. You've heard yourself say, "I can't keep track of my schedule - why would I expect anyone else to?"

9. Your idea of slowing down is actually sitting down ... to catch up on the filing.

10. God is an after-thought instead of your first thought.

If any of these (or any combination thereof) sound like you, there is hope. You, too, can become less busy.

* Pull out those five pieces of paper and half a dozen calendars. Take a minute (or 10) to put it all together and see just where your time is going. Cut through the confusion and truly have a plan for the week.

* Cut out all the extra stuff that's clogging your schedule. Do you absolutely have to do every single thing on your to-do list today, or will some of it wait until tomorrow so you have some free time today?

* Prioritize God's way. Bible study and prayer first. The things He has called you to second. Things you've laid upon yourself last. People before things. Memories before accomplishments.

* Rediscover the joy of the Lord. If God's not in it, you'll know. Remove anything from your schedule that doesn't glorify Him to the uttermost. You might be surprised at how much time you really have when you use those criteria.

So - what's your day look like?


  1. Just beautiful, love your blog I always feel very refreshed when visiting and reading here, sorry I am not here more often trying to work on that and get back to blogging myself. Have a great day. Hugs

  2. So glad you came to visit, Barbara! It's a blessing to my heart that you've gotten what you needed while you were here. Isn't God amazing that way?

    Have a wonderful day in the Lord.


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