New Year's Star-Stuffed Sugar Cookies

Cookies are amazing. Cookies with frosting are even better. Cookie sandwiches with frosting and candy inside knock dessert out of the park!

And being so simple to put together is the icing on the cake ... or cookie in this case. You can use store-bought cookies or make your own. Just make sure they're as flat as possible. Then all you need are frosting, candies, sprinkles, sanding sugar, and something to cut a circle.

Use your circle cutter to cut the middle out of a third of the cookies. Use something with a sharp edge like a cookie cutter or small glass.

Then frost one cookie.

Layer the cut cookie on top, pressing it down in the frosting to hold it in place.

Add the candies to fill the cookie hole.

Then frost the entire top of the cookie to hold the candies in place.

Top that cookie with another cookie and frost the whole thing. Fancy it up with a little sanding sugar for that New Year's Eve look.

Now when you cut it open, you'll find the candy surprise inside! How cute would these be for a New Year's party, Valentine gift, or birthday surprise? And changing up the flavor of cookies, type of frosting, and theme of candies make for a never-ending set of possibilities.


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