Create Your Own New Year's Mad Lib

What better way to spend New Year's Eve than in riotous laughter? There is no better way, I promise. 

As part of our New Year's Eve Sunday School lesson, we're going to do a good, old-fashioned Mad Lib! These were the staple of all entertainment when I was a teenager, and our youth group loves them, too. (We just have to teach them what adjectives, verbs, and nouns are, which I assumed they would learn in school, but apparently haven't.)

To make my own Mad Lib, I started a letter template in Canva. You could use any word processing program or design software that you're comfortable with, but I use these pre-designed templates so I don't have to start from scratch. I'm just lazy like that...

As I wrote the form, I left out certain words that would completely change the sentence with different random words. For example:

One of my (________) memories of the year was when (________) (________).

The first blank is an adjective - "favorite" would be the obvious choice, but some fun ones might be "colorful," "shiny," and "deep." The person can be someone they know or someone famous. And the verb could be "roundhouse kicked" or "skydived."

Once the word sheet is filled out, we transfer the words to the story and have at it. I generally read it out loud and completely seriously, like it's the most exquisite piece of prose ever written. I think my tone of voice makes them laugh even more. I'm just funny that way...

What themes and topics can you create a Mad Lib for?


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