New Year's Eve Countdown Gift Bags

What could be more fun than looking forward to the New Year? It's a special day in our house, and I found a fun way to celebrate all day long! These countdown gift bags are perfect for marking each hour of New Year's Eve, culminating with a midnight kiss.

To make these bags, you only need a few supplies: some clock faces, paper bags, ribbon, and a little embellishment. Decide on a color scheme or theme and coordinate all your supplies.

I found my clock faces on a teacher's website and printed all 12 hours on card stock. You can print more or fewer, depending on how long you want to celebrate - or how many gifts you'd like to give!

I folded the top of each bag over twice and punched holes for the ribbon. Remember that your gift has to fit inside after the bag's been folded and tied, so plan accordingly.

A little double stick tape keeps in the times in place.

After tucking the gift inside, I folded the top down and ran the ribbon through. 

Then I tied the glittered flowers on and curled the ribbon. Rinse. Repeat. Create a whole lineup of fun gifts that will lead up to your New Year's celebration. 


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