When Molly Escapes To The Woods For Adventure

A few weeks ago, Molly snuck out the front door behind me and started an adventure. She's almost 10 years old, so I didn't think she'd go very far, but I was definitely wrong. Without a leash, she became an energetic puppy again!

We have 33 acres of timber for her to traipse through, so Parker and I followed her to the far end of the big pond. Neither of us is getting any younger, either, but we did catch up with her in a matter of minutes. I was incredibly proud of us.

I think Molly was proud of us, too, even though that meant getting her leash put on. She was headed for the muddy water of the big pond, and I wasn't in the mood to get a Great Dane in the bathtub for a time of deep cleaning. 

While we had time, I decided to satisfy their craving for outdoor exploring. Danny cuts trails through the whole property, so we took advantage of them. There were tons of smells - and literal rabbit trails - all over, and it was the first time we'd really been out on the property like that this year. 

Danny said he'd seen a doe and fawn recently, so I'm sure Molly had caught the Mama's scent. Fawns don't have a scent of their own, which is a great safety feature, and we could have walked right past it without noticing. (Side note: if you ever see a fawn by itself, do not, under any circumstances, touch it or move it. Mama has it all under control.)

As we wandered back to the house, we had to go past the little pond, which is currently full of fish and turtles. And possibly beavers and otters. They're in the big pond, so they're probably over here, too. I also had to keep the puppies out of the algae-covered water, which apparently seems tempting to swim in.

All three of us were moving a little slower by the time we got back to the house, but it really was fun to go on an impromptu adventure. She wandered into parts of the property I wouldn't normally go to, and we got lots of fresh air and sunshine.

And Molly thought it was absolutely the best day ever! That smile makes it all worth it.


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