The Carrell Wildlife Preserve - Baby Birds Everywhere!

There is nothing cuter than a tiny, cranky baby bird! We have nests all around the property right now, and this one outside our living room window is one of my two favorites. The other is the one over our garage security light, which she returns to every year.

Going around the house, this nest is tucked away in the corner, protecting it from the wind and the rain. It's also fascinating because it's built on its side. All the better for me because I can look into it from the window any time I want!

There are at least four babies in there, though we can only see the two in front. Well, we can see some other wings and an occasional foot, but other than that it's whoever sits in the entrance.

They're just recently hatched, so these babies are incredibly hungry and very loud. I love how their little yellow frowns turn into big, open Os as they scream for their mama.

I mean, just look at those grumpy babies!

Don't you want to give them absolutely anything they want?

They do have the best mama ever, so they don't need my help. As soon as they squeak, she's flying back and forth to get them all fed.

Look at them yell and open up for more food! The look on her face is like, yes ... I'm going!

And she's quickly back to take care of her tiny babies. It won't be long before they get too big to all be in the nest, and she'll kick them out to practice their flying. One more adventure to look forward to, but for now, I'll just enjoy my cranky babies from the window.


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