Marinated Steak Tips In A Grill Basket

The more grilling I do, the more grilling I want to do! For those of you who are grilling experts, is this normal?

Most recently, when I wasn't grilling up sweet and smoky apples, I was experimenting with the grilling basket I found in our kitchen. I sure didn't remember it was there, so it was a fun discovery.

The best meat I could think of to start with was steak tips. I thawed a package and then marinated them in BBQ sauce for a couple of hours. I would love to use dry rub on the next package of steak tips instead of sauce, just to see what the difference in tenderness is.

After heating the grill to 400 degrees, all I had to do was tuck my meat into the basket and close it up like a sandwich. The tips were just large enough to stay inside the wires and the perfect size for juicy, bite-sized pieces. In just 4 minutes per side on the hot grill, they were done so quickly that we were able to snack on them while I grilled up the rest of the meal. 

Have you used a grill basket before? What's the yummiest creation you've grilled up in one?


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