Why It's Vital To Know How You Learn Bible Truths The Best

Think back to grade school for a minute. Remember the tests we took to find out what kind of learner we are? Some of us grasp concepts better when we can see them, others when they hear them and others when they interact and get hands-on. Did you have an experience like that, where this important lesson about yourself became clear?

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am a hands-on learner. I can't listen to someone explain something and understand it perfectly. Even when I read directions myself or watch someone else do that thing, I don't always comprehend and retain things. What this screams to me is that I have to study it, work on it, trial-by-fire experience it for myself or I'll never get it to connect.

This idea of knowing how we learn best is so vitally important when it comes to our Bible study time. Who wants to waste time every single day because we're doing what we think we're supposed to do. It's not about reading the Bible through in a year (although I love doing that), or spending an hour in quiet time every morning (which would be amazing) or even reading a book every week (another thing I enjoy). Those things are all amazing, but if they're not helping you grow your relationship with the Lord, they're not working for you. If you're not grasping everything you read or you're journaling because you think you have to in order to be considered a good Christian, it's just not worth it.

God certainly knows the difference.

In our youth group, I know how each of our teens learns best. There is one who isn't a strong writer or speller, but who listens to the lesson and discussion while drawing and coloring on our worksheets - and gets it! We have one teen who likes questions and discussions and files away those answers and truths to keep forever. Another one loves it when things get serious, when we put the games away and get down to business. They're all individuals, and when we fill our lessons with everything we know they cling to and how they learn best.

Why do we not treat ourselves the same way? If you learn best by reading a chapter a day, read a chapter a day. If you love reading commentaries alongside your Bible reading, read commentaries. If you enjoy listening to Scripture being read while you're working around the house or driving in the car, listen to Scripture. If it works for you and you're learning and growing closer to God, do it!

With the same comparison, if it's not working ... don't do it. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. Let's not be insane, ok? If you're trying to read three or four chapters every day, but you're just reading words and not getting anything out of it ... don't do it. If you don't understand what a certain word or phrase means, take the time to learn. The Bible isn't about staying at the kindergarten level - walk away from your quiet time with at least one nugget that you didn't know before you sat down. That's learning. That's growing. That's becoming a mature Christian.

I'm encouraging you today to do what works for you, to do whatever it takes to spend time with the Lord, grow your relationship with Him and learn His will for your life. My prayer is that you'll take just a few minutes today to pay attention to how you're learning Bible truths, keep doing the things that work and stop doing the things that don't. Spend time with the Lord, dig in to what His word says and let the Holy Spirit teach you exactly what He wants you to know. That's how you grow.


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