Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Unless They're Super Cute

You can tell how tight a pack you have by looking at how they sleep. Yes, I'm one of those dog moms with more pictures of the dogs sleeping than anything else. Our four move at hyper-speed, so pictures don't come out the best. Instead, I capture the moments that will photograph clearly: the times when they're asleep. Sound asleep.

Diesel doesn't care where he sleeps. He is the one who falls asleep in a matter of seconds, which is evidenced by the loudest puppy snoring I have ever heard. Someday I'm going to learn his secret for nodding off so easily, but for the moment we just smile when he snores so quickly.

Parker is our little old man, and he loves piles of blankets. He will move them, rearrange them, pile them up differently and get them just the way he wants them. Then he collapses with a sigh after all that hard work and goes right to sleep. His second choice is my lap when we're downstairs, and I'm only too happy to oblige.

Molly, our big girl, can't sleep just anywhere. She's a 125-pound Great Dane, and though she would like to, she doesn't fit in all the places the other dogs do. Instead, she takes up one whole section of the theater seating downstairs (the only furniture she's allowed on) or stretches out in front of the entire couch upstairs. Her ears are always on alert, though, and she'll woof in her sleep - and then loudly when she wakes up - if there's the slightest noise.

The Callie dog is my sweet, tiny girl, and she sleeps like a little princess, too. She always has to be where she can either touch me or see me, so she's never far away. She rolls up into an incredibly tight little ball, and she practices that art by sneaking onto the bed by my feet in the middle of the night, even when she's been told not to. W know we'll never misplace a pack member when it's bedtime around here!


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