My "Words Of Faith" Planner Layout


I'm so excited to share my words of faith planner layout with you today! Not only do I think it turned out absolutely beautiful, I challenged myself to do something completely different and fun so I could get out of my creative block.

The challenge, as I chose to accept it, was to use one sheet of planner stickers and one roll of washi tape to create an entire spread. I used this Happy Planner set and a washi from Illustrated Faith. They look so pretty together, don't they?

I started by tearing off small pieces of washi tape and randomly scattering it around both pages. 

Then I laid out the largest stickers first, then layered each piece of washi with the smaller ones.

I needed a few more embellishments, so I went through the same sticker book and chose some of the small banners and gold dots that coordinate with the metallic writing on the large stickers.

So this week I'll see many of my favorite words every day: faith, hope, love, grace, peace, glory, strong, amen and gratitude. This will help me keep my mind focused on what's truly important - God's word. How can you add words and Scripture to your planner this week?


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