Flash-Back Foods From Those Great Childhood Days

The other day I bought a bag of Bugles, a chip I've not had in decades! Those are the ones shaped like a trumpet, obviously, and you either stick them on the tips of your fingers or bite the end off and hum through it like a musical instrument. That bag triggered some childhood memories that made me smile. These circus animal crackers cause the same reaction - I was never a fan of the plain cookies, but the coated ones were phenomenal!

I always felt grown up eating Chicken in a Biskit. Other kids were eating Doritos or Lays, but these crackers were may favorites, along with Vegetable Thins, which I still get from time to time.

One night when the ladies of our house were gone for the evening, my grandpa and I made macaroni and cheese for supper. We had watched them make it many times, but we'd never done it ourselves, so we mixed up the steps and put the cheese powder in before we drained the pasta. It was so incredibly bland, but we at it and then laughed about it for ages.

Don't ask me why pickle-pimiento lunch meat was my Saturday lunch staple growing up, but I loved it! One of the baggers at the grocery store would always tease me that I really didn't want to know what the colored specks in the meat were, or I might not want to buy it.

Whenever I would go see my dad for a weekend, he would buy me the biggest bag of Skittles available, and my goal was to eat the whole thing by Sunday afternoon. My fingers might have been multi-colored and my stomach a little gurgling, but I always did it!

While I would often get a marshmallow cereal for the weekends, Rice Krispies was breakfast every morning. I'd slice up some banana to put on top, add just a little bit of milk and listen to the snap, crackle, pop!

Since the beginning of time ... well, the beginning of my life ... Reese's have always been my favorite candy. By far. No contest. I've always been a chocolate and peanut butter girl. Not changing. Ever.

Growing up, we ate fruit at supper every night. I always like sliced pears and peaches, but the fruit cocktail was my favorite, by far. And the more cherries the better. I don't know if the Very Cherry version was available in the 1980s, but I would have owned stock in it if it was.

We would go out to dinner with family on Friday nights, and every order came with pickles on the side. As soon as the meal was served, almost everyone passed their pickles down to me, and would go through what must have been half a jar of pickles each time. To this day, I think about those meals whenever I have pickles.

What foods or brands trigger happy childhood memories for you?


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