Sunday Sketch

This is one of my favorite layouts because of its simplicity and its potential for a gorgeous finished product.

The background is two contrasting pieces in coordinating colors and patterns to make a nice, hefty frame. Think about the matting on a photo and make yours as wide as you'd like accordingly.

The top border is a completely opposite color to create contrast, and the edge is uneven to make it stand out even more. Too many straight edges gets boring after a while, so this mixes things up a little.

The phrase goes across the bottom, overlapping both the background and the border. This ties the two together and clearly sends your message.

For my card, I used black and blue patterned paper as the two background pieces. Then I tore the border for my ragged edge.

I raided my chipboard collection for the phrase, which is the perfect size for this card, and the butterfly with its trail. My patterns were a little too subtle to be left on their own, so I added the butterfly as a great focal point in the middle.

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