A Tiny Treat Bag

 Here's a creative gift idea. This treat bag can be themed for anything - a birthday, ladies' meeting or baby shower. Choose your papers and colors appropriately.

 Inside is a plastic bag of anything you'd like - candy for a child, treats for a puppy or just about anything your little heart desires. If it fits in a baggie, this project will work perfectly!

 All you'll need is a baggie filled with your treats, a sheet of 12x12 paper, a paper cutter, a paper punch, ribbon and a special phrase or image.

 Cut your 12x12 paper into a strip slightly wider than your baggie. I just eye-balled it, but you can measure it if you absolutely have to.

Make the top of the bag even with the one end of the paper, then crease the paper where the bottom of the bag reaches to make a little stand.

Fold the top over to create a flap. Punch two holes through both the paper and the plastic bag, then thread the ribbon through. Add your image or phrase and you're all set!


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