A Family Walk

One of the great things about a puppy is watching her experience things for the first time. Twice in the past two weeks we've been able to take Molly and the girls out in the woods. Watching her explore is an absolute hoot.

Bailey and Molly will both run if they're off leash, so we put them on 20-foot flexi leashes for these over-the-property walks. Sadie is a pack dog, so she always stays very close.

We have about 33 acres of land to wander over, so we were out for quite some time. Molly was on sensory overload trying to smell and touch and hear everything. The big girls hadn't been out for a while, either, so they were all trying to get in as much fun as they could.

 There are two ponds on the property, and we were told that Molly loves water.

 We were told correctly.

 It was an absolutely beautiful day for a walk - pretty warm but bright and sunny.

We walked all the way to the top of the ridge and then worked our way back down on some of the trails cut through the woods.

 By the time we got back down, everyone was exhausted - dog and human alike - so we got a really great nap in. That's the way to spend an afternoon.


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