Calvary Baptist Church Ladies Retreat 2014

We had an amazing weekend at Calvary Baptist Church. It was the weekend for Ladies Retreat 2014.

 Our theme was "I am a princess because my Father is the King of Kings." We used Psalm 45 as our Scripture.

And, of course, everyone received a tiara in their goodie bags. No one can be a princess without a crown. 

Our speaker, Mina Ogelsby, spent Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning showing us how God has given women the gift of influence - how we use it to glorify Him is up to us. We were reminded that we are a unique creation of the Lord, and we need to be the best "us" we can just for Him.

You are a child of the King!

We have some amazing ladies who have talents in design and decoration. The platform looked exactly like what we envision a castle would look - since most of us have never visited an actual castle.

Instead of doing the typical pink princess party, we chose royal blue and gold. We were blessed beyond measure that these are the most popular Christmas colors this season. The crowns - they're tree toppers! And the towers are all filled with ornaments, lights and garland.

There's a woman in our church who is incredibly talented with mesh, and she volunteered to make all of the pew bows, plus several for the platform. They turned out amazing!

Our Saturday meal was a real ladies' tea. Our men were wonderful to serve us, and the room looked incredible.

We used the same decorations from the sanctuary, just in miniature. I'm not totally sure, but I don't think we could have added more sparkle if we'd tried. And believe me, we did.

 Blue and gold and sparkles, right down to the cupcake wrappers.


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