Sunday Sketch

When I actually drew this sketch, I had my doubts. In my head it makes sense, but on paper - it's a little different.

Start with two layers of solid colors, then choose a very special patterned paper. Pick one that has something special on the righthand side, a flourish of stars, a dramatic swirl or maybe a sweet picture.

On the left, you'll mat the perfect phrase or image on a coordinating card stock to give it some added dimension.

So on paper it may look like a challenge, but it's really very simple.
For my card, I started with two shades of purple card stock and rounded the corners of the top one. Then I chose a purple patterned paper that had butterflies flying up the righthand side. That's the only place they are, so the phrase isn't covering anything up.

On the left, I hand-stamped my phrase and matted it on a darker card stock. I don't always stamp on colored paper, but when I do, it's a very dramatic combination.

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