Softball season starts

After a rainy week last week, church league softball started for Calvary Baptist Church Thursday evening. This is my absolute favorite time of year, and I think Danny would tell you the same thing.

Sometimes it's hard for us to be there because of our work schedules, but it's worth the extra effort. It's a great time to socialize, and Danny's been working out as much as he can so the "day after the softball games" isn't quite so difficult. (But we do have a good supply of pain killers on hand.)

I don't play, but I love to cheer. The guys had two great games this week, winning them both handily, so there was a lot to cheer about.

We took first place last year in addition to the sportsmanship award, so it's already looking like a good year.

So now everyone has a week to recuperate and get ready for next Friday's games. They may need it.


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