Our Pathways Magazine Reveal

It's been months in the making - and it's finally here!

On Friday, the Ottumwa Courier's Pathways magazine was revealed. And I'm so excited! It's wonderful to have it in hand and not just talk about it.

Several months ago, I was asked to be the editor of our newspaper's new magazine. I could hire writers, choose the stories and get it all put together. I was thrilled and immediately accepted.

The subtitle of the magazine is winding through southeast Iowa. There are so many interesting people doing exciting things on those back roads and dirt trails around here, and this publication is the perfect way to uncover them. We've got more time, space and color to give detail and show parts of our community you might not normally see.

In this first edition, we've combined history, renovation, revitalization, summer fun and healthy eating all in one magazine. It's so much fun to see it progress from an idea in my head to stories on the computer screen to a finished product.

Plus there are three amazing writers who have agreed to be permanent fixtures on Pathways. I am blessed beyond measure to have people want to be a part of this process. It's so much fun, and I love that other authors are on board.

And truth be told, I've already planned out the August issue. I'm a planner, I tell you, and organizing something like this is a dream come true.

Grab one today and get ready for the next one in the fall. And please keep me in prayer as I try to share the stories of some amazing southeast Iowans.


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