Nuggets Of Wisdom To Start The Week

I attended the Daughter of the King Conference this weekend - more than 160 ladies gathered to learn about Confidence through the Generations.

Here are a few of the nuggets I gleaned from the four speakers:

* We want to start things on time because our God is always on time.

* Worship isn't just about the music. It's about being in the presence of God.

* We come from all different kinds of backgrounds, but it doesn't matter if we're all daughters of the King.

* On the inside of the word "discourage" is the word "courage." If you put courage inside people, you'll build their confidence.

* Our words are like seeds. Whatever you plant grows into fruit. What kind of fruit will your words produce?

* All the worldly things that we put our time, money and effort into, they're all garbage. Confidence is not in what we do, but in what Jesus Christ did for us.

* Confidence is a choice. It's confidence in a God Who doesn't fail. How could you not put confidence in that unfailing love?

* Each one of us is special. We need to make sure that all of God's daughters know that they deserve to be treated like a princess.

* Can we see the "blemishes" in ourselves as God's handiwork? Are we glorifying God with our attitude about ourselves?

* Be part of a generation that doesn't forget where we came from or forget to pass on what we're learning to those who come after us.

* God uses you as you are - look at the possibilities!

* We can make a change in someone's life by making an investment - intercessory prayer.

I'm praying you'll have a wonderful week in the Lord.


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