Walking the Property in the Rain

After a wonderful, emotional day at church yesterday, Danny and I cam home to take a walk on the property. Now that we're growing out Etsy shop, walking the woods is a great time to get inspiration and find some supplies.

And that's when we actually looked outside. A dark bank of clouds was rolling in quickly, but the radar on the computer showed it was really thin and moving very quickly. So what did we decide? To go ahead with our walk. Yeah, like I'm going to pass up an opportunity to walk with my husband. I don't think so.

Danny spent hours on Saturday working on the trails, mowing and getting them all cleaned up. He even added a new one, so I was excited to see all the hard work he did. Back in the middle of one of the trails on the far side of the big pond, it suddenly got very, very dark. 

And then ... it poured! I love the rain with all my heart, so I was thrilled! But it also meant we had to walk all the way back to the house in the downpour. It lasted the rest of the day, but it was glorious to watch - from the middle of it and from inside in dry clothes!


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