Post No. 1,000

In September 2009, I started a blog where I could share what I believe with other Christian women. All I wanted was a place to talk about the Lord, do a little crafting and cooking and uplift anyone passing by this way.

I had absolutely no idea the blessing this endeavor would be to my own soul.

And now, 1,000 posts later, I've learned more than I could ever have imagined.

* God will never leave me nor forsake me.
* He always, ALWAYS, keeps His promises.
* He is faithful in all things.
* He will answer prayer in ways I've never dreamed of.
* His only limitations are the ones I put there.

* I can do ALL things through Christ which strengeneth me.
* I am not perfect, but I am perfectly loved by a perfect God.
* I am blessed beyond measure by an amazing God.
* I am called to reflect the Jesus Christ living inside me to a dark and dying world.
* In the end, it's not about me at all. It's all about Him.

* Pray without ceasing.
* Allow God to do the leading - don't lag behind and never get ahead of Him.
* Nothing can happen today that the Lord has not already let pass through His filtering hands.
* No matter how terrible the world is around me, my Lord is in control.
* At the end of the book, because of God's perfect plan, we win.

Now, let's see what the Lord does with the next 1,000 posts. I feel a "Glory!" coming on!


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