Reading Scripture Aloud

I'm not sure why I started, but for the past few days I've been reading aloud from the Psalms. I think part of it might be because I've been so tired and stressed lately, and just focusing on the Word clears my head. It also might be because so many of the words David wrote are the words I have in my own heart. Hearing them out loud has such a calming affect on my soul.

If you've never read Scripture aloud, you might think the idea sounds silly. But the truth is, the Word of God never returns void. Hearing His Word spoken aloud can help you understand it in a new and different way. It might even stir your heart to read more and study more. It is fascinating to see how the Spirit will work in your life.

Start with Psalm 5. Find a nice, quiet spot and just read out loud. It's only 12 verse long, but the Psalmist speaks from his heart in such a wonderful way. You might find places where you think you wrote the words, they so convey the way you feel.

Then go back to the beginning of Psalms and read your way through. I started with one chapter, but I couldn't stop. After just a few verses, my spirit was overflowing and I had to keep going. Then find other places in the Scriptures that have always spoken to you - read them out loud and how the Lord moves.

I pray you'll challenge yourself to read some Scripture aloud. The living, breathing Word of God can change your life if you'll let it.


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