Today On the Carrell Wildlife Preserve

 It's amazing what you can witness when you're up early and you're paying attention.

Barn Kitty just fits between the rails on the decks, and she loves to sit here and watch the wildlife on the property.

  This morning it was a whole flock of geese. They weren't noisy or anything. They were just out for a stroll around the big pond.

It's been warm enough that the ice at the edge of the ponds has melted, and that's exactly what they were looking for. They were an absolute joy to watch.

 And then Barn Kitty decided she wanted a better look at these silly birds. Remember what curiosity does to kitties? She was the perfect picture of big cat stalking on the plains.

Well, they let her get right down to the water's edge. They just watched each other, Kitty drank from the pond for a minute, and then she came back to the house. That was all they needed - just a moment to check each other out, have a quick welcome conversation and go their separate ways.

You couldn't pay me to live in the big city anymore. It's too much fun out here.


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