Prints in the Snow

 When you have even a little bit of snow, you can immediately see the snowprints the next morning. It's fun to do some research and see what animal made which tracks.

 These are Baileydog tracks. I can tell her feet a mile away.

And Barn Kitty has pretty easy tracks to identify, too.

 And these are tiny little bird tracks. We have tons of birds on our deck at the bird feeder every day, so it could have come from any number of types of bird.

On our property, we see lots of deer tracks. The hooves aren't difficult to distinguish from others.

And our deer are pretty big. Look at the deer print on the left compared with my boot print on the right. I think that's pretty amazing.

There's always something out on the pond. We can tell when something was being stalked because the tracks go in the same direction. Or if there are two sets, one going out and one coming back. It's neat to try to come up with a story that matches where the snowprints go.

If you've still got snow on the ground, go look for some tracks and let me know what you find. If you don't have snow, look in a book or on the Internet to see how different tracks look in the snow.


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