It's Like A New Living Room!

I'm so excited to get to show you this picture! Our living room has been one of the thorns in my side for a while, but it's finally back to normal.

Why was it abnormal? Because up until this weekend, it still had Christmas decorations everywhere - and I do mean everywhere. Don't laugh ... I've been sick.

First, everything that doesn't belong in the room went elsewhere. They may not all be in their homes yet, but at least they're not in the living room anymore.

Then the whole room got a good dusting. I can't believe how much dust can accumulate, even in winter. Combine that with the puppy dog hair and the room really needed some work.

All the furniture was cleaned and the windows washed on the inside. Since it's frigidly cold here, the outsides will have to wait. Plus we need a ladder for some of them, and that's not going to happen right now. Call me lazy ... I don't think ladders and snow mix.

And lastly, everything was swept - three times. Until I can convince the girls to let me shave them, the vacuum is my very best friend. And yes, I'm slightly obsessive about sweeper lines. Until we get a carpet that doesn't show them, I probably will be.

So that's one room down and one more block in my year of building. It's such a great feeling of accomplishment, and it's amazing to walk through this room now.


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