A Weekend of Community

Guess what the big event in town this weekend is.

If you guessed bake sale ... I'd laugh, but you'd be wrong.

One of my favorite weekends out of the entire year is when the Bullriders of America finals are here in Ottumwa at the Bridge View Center. Last year was my very first bull riding event, and I got hooked.

So I spent all day yesterday talking to cowboys, announcers, bull fighters, rodeo clowns, event organizers and members of the community. The story that I wrote for today's paper really just links a whole bunch of quotes about how much this event means to the people involved.

Make this a weekend of discovering your community. You don't have to go to a bull riding event - although you won't regret it if you do. Just do something that gets you out of the house and talking to the people who live right around you.

Building our community is how we thrive outside our our home and our church family. Find something this weekend that will help you connect and build those relationships.


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