Snow, In All Its Many Forms

After spending six years in a state with very little snowfall, I'm so looking forward to winter in Iowa! It's been predicted that we'll have some snow on the ground soon, and I can't wait!

So perhaps to encourage it along, I challenged myself in the craft room this weekend. Each card I made had to be on the snowflake theme, but completely different. Have you ever tried that? Not as easy as it sounds...

I used my snowflake punch to just make some accents for my phrase. I love the way they look against the dark tree background. Contrasting colors make everything pop a little more. And there's also a snowflake in the torn corner panel. Did you see it? It's really subtle.

The look of these snowflakes on their contrasting circles proves my point about making colors stand out. Layering also adds tons of texture and makes your project more interesting to look at.

Two punches, a simple border cut from another sheet of paper and there you go. Sometimes it's the leftover pieces you've saved that make the neatest cards.
Here I used the same two colors, in different solids and patterns, and two different kinds of snowflakes. It's not always easy to mix colors and patterns, so controlling how much and where can make all the difference. I also love this little "winter" sticker - the perfect touch and style I was looking for.

And mixing styles, products and colors can give you an amazing outcome. I added three letter stickers to this monogram and created something completely different. The three coordinating punched circle copy the circles in the border and they're all held in place with the blue background. I this card!

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