No Trespassing

Our new home sits well off the road in a great area of trees. You can't see it from the highway and there is little traffic noise. It's not somewhere people just happen to be passing by, so when someone arrives in the driveway, it is normally planned and expected. And usually they are here for a purpose.

Anyone who isn't here by invitation or to complete a necessary task for our family is trespassing. They have no reason to be here and probably aren't up to anything good. We've heard about people hunting on surrounding land without permission, and that is a scary thought. This space is precious to us, and we like to protect it from anyone who would do it harm.

Unfortunately, I have been guilty of allowing trespassers onto our property. No, it wasn't hunters or salesmen. There hasn't been anyone on our doorstep that shouldn't be, but I have allowed other things to creep their way in.

When I worry, I am allowing those people and issues that have evil intent full use of my home and my mind. They affect every corner of everything that I do. Essentially I have given permission for those evil things that I hate to enter right through the front door and stay a while. All the alarm systems get turned off and then I wonder why I can't find peace in my heart. Instead of blocking them at the door, or even at the property line, I brought them in myself with an engraved invitation. How silly is that?

When I concede my time, my thoughts and my efforts to things that aren't completely glorifying and honoring to God, I have allowed trespassers onto our property. No dead bolt or key can keep them out when I've already given them entrance all by myself. There is no room left to wonder how things have gotten the way they are, because I have given each one of them permission personally.

So what's a woman to do?

#1 - Pray a hedge!
Have you ever done a prayer walk of your home? I just did an extra long one, and it has made all the difference in my heart. Begin at your property line and pray a hedge around everything you own. Start with the land, the driveway, the front door and the exterior of your home. Ask God for protection, safety and the ability to keep trespassers at bay. Then move through each room, thanking Him for how He's already blessed and ask Him to keep out anything that would harm you, your family and your relationship with Him.

This may take minutes, or it may take hours. I spent a good chunk of the morning just moving through the house and asking for the Lord's protection to stand guard over my home. The peace that passeth all understanding comes from this - trusting that God will hear and answer prayer. He has promised to do all for our greater good and to respond to our requests in the best way He knows.

#2 - Build a wall!
Instead of inviting trespassers in through worry and other sinful actions, we have to take control of our thoughts and actions. Building a wall means doing everything in your power, through the guidance of God Himself, to protect your home from evil intruders. For you personally, it may mean tighter controls on the computer, phone or television. Or it might mean turning off those thoughts that bring worry, despair and anger. Each of these, and many many more ways, keep our focus on God instead of the possibilities out in the world.

This is an on-going effort that doesn't stop after one day, one week or even a year. This calling is a lifelong, life-altering change that can transform the way our house, our family and our life run. Building that wall tells the Lord that we're serious about being clean and pure for His use, and we're prepared to be vessels of honor for Him.

I pray that you'll join me in this fight against trespassers. One soldier can do much, but an army can do so much more. I'll pray for you - please pray for me, that I can pray a hedge, build a wall and protect everything that is precious to me.


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