A Candy Cane Treat - Part 2

So, here's my pile of leftover, broken candy canes. These are the ones that I couldn't make into hearts yesterday because they've cracked and crumbled.

Now what?

We get into the kitchen and use them up!

Whole candy canes:
* Get fanciful and hang them around the kitchen.
* Tuck them into plants, into cups and into glasses for a quick snack.
* Offer them as an alternative coffee stir stick.

Bits and pieces of candy canes:
* Drop them into a cup of hot cocoa.
* Scatter them around a dessert plate as garnish.
* Add to a party mix with popcorn, chocolate candies and other munchable goodies.

Crushed candy canes:
* Sprinkle on top of chocolate cake.
* Mix into no-bake cheesecake.
* Stir into softened ice cream, then refreeze.
* Add to the frosting of your favorite dessert.

May the week bring you many candy canes, broken or otherwise. It might get your creativity working!


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