An Organizer For 2010

Are you ready to get yourself organized? Here's a great do-it-yourself organizer that takes just minutes to make. Plus you can hang it, lean it and make it in any color combination for keeping or giving as a gift.

I used some leftover Christmas ribbon and a silk flower for this one.

You'll need:
* a piece of thick cardboard (I used a piece that came in one of our Christmas calendars.)
* ribbon - 2.5 to 3 inches wide
* packing tape or a really strong glue
* coordinating decorations

1. Overlapping about 1.5 inches on the back of the cardboard, wrap one length of ribbon even with the top edge. Tape the ends with packing tape. (You can try a strong glue, but wet glues will go through many types of ribbon.)

2. Run a length of tape along the bottom edge of the ribbon creating a pocket. This way you can tuck papers into each one without it falling through to the bottom.

3. Add layers down the length of the cardboard, each one overlapping the tape from the one above it. Tape back and bottom.

4. Overlap the final piece of ribbon so that you can tuck it under and tape it unto the back of the cardboard. This will give you a final pocket at the bottom.

5. Decorate with coordinating embellishments. Then attach a picture hanger to the back or tape on string for hanging. You can also leave it as is and lean it against
the back of your desk or bill-writing station.

6. Fill the pockets and begin your organized new day!


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