Hello Squirrel!

The girls have an adorable, and terribly annoying, habit of following me from room to room while I clean. Sadie needs to be able to see me at all times and Bailey protects the entry way. It's very sweet until I turn and trip over a 55-pound black lab.

Last week I made my way back to the entry way to find Sadie frozen in place. She could see through the front door and neither of us could believe this little one was sitting there having lunch.

It was a good thing that Bailey was in the backyard because she absolutely hates squirrels. She has a stuffed squirrel that she carries everywhere, often cleaning it or whipping it around. So if she sees one outside she chases it up a tree and then paces below growling. Not a pretty picture.

So when Sadie and I saw this little guy so close to the front door, we took a few minutes to sit and watch it. If Bailey had been there, she'd have been through the door in a heart beat. But Sadie was content to sit like a statue and see what he'd do.

I thought he could see us through the door, but he stared at us a little and then went back to his meal. I have never seen a squirrel up this close, and I was fascinated. He destroyed an entire nut and then cleaned up after himself.

Then he walked up to the door, inspected his reflection and then walked down the steps. Sadie stood up and rushed the door so she could continue watching. Since Bailey usually chases all the squirrels away, this was the first time Sadie had seen one up close. She watched him clear up until the moment his furry little tail turned the corner of the porch.

And everything went back to normal. I cleaned, the girls followed me and Mr. Squirrel probably found something else to eat. But for a moment, Sadie and I had a new experience and communed with nature for a while.


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