Chili And Cornbread

No recipe today, just a fun idea. I love making things other than waffles in my waffle maker. It's amazing how quickly you can cook or bake in it, and it's a multi-purpose tool in the kitchen.

So a while back I made some chili from a mix I found completely by random at the grocery store. Those are some of my favorite happy accidents - the ones you come across when you weren't really looking for. This chili was amazing - just add tomato paste and a little water. You could add meat if you wanted, but I didn't this time.

Instead of turning on the oven, waiting for it to heat and then being patient while the corn bread cooked, I made it in my waffle maker. It was ready in just minutes - and I have the waffle maker that spins and tells you when it's all done, so it was quick and easy.

The combination was amazing. I can't wait to see what else I can create in the kitchen that's a little unexpected.


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