5 Ways To Painlessly Save Money

Let's say you have a financial goal - start small and dream big!

Maybe you want to save up for a vacation. Or you'd like to pay off your credit card before the end of the year. Perhaps you've got your eye on a new outfit and can't afford it right now. There's always something that you'd like to buy but it's just out of reach.

Here are 10 things you can do immediately to start setting aside some money, no matter how much you're trying to save up.

1. Trade eating out for eating at home. Make coffee, lunches and other meals at home, purposely planning on leftovers for the next day. Make every meal stretch.

2. Pick and choose what to spend. Would you rather have a latte from the shop next door every day this week or buy that new purse you have your eye on? Check out your priorities and work on your determination.

3. Reduce, reuse, recycle. The old age still applies - if you're looking to save money, start by reusing what you already have. You could probably find ways to recycle many things you've saved over the years, freeing up the money you would have spent buying them (or something like them but newer) again.

4. Save first, spend later. Pay yourself before you start spending your paycheck. Save a certain amount every week or from every paycheck and watch your savings account add up.

5. Turn the short-term into the long-term. Once you've reached your small goals, use the skills you've practiced to achieve something bigger. Yes, you know now that you can save a few hundred dollars in a short period of time. Now think about the grand scheme of things and save for something you never dreamed you could.


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