Sunday Sketch

Here's a fun sketch to play with this week! And there are just a few basic parts:

* A solid background color
* A subtle patterned paper
* A bar across the bottom
* A matted phrase or image
* Two embellishments

Pick your theme and then find one of everything on this list. A little balance, a little creativity and a whole lot of color and you'll have a beautiful, interesting card.

For this Mother's Day card, I picked white for my background color, a lovely spring patterned paper and two colors of card stock. The card stock words coordinate perfectly with the flowers, and I added two swirl paper clips from the home office department.

It doesn't take a difficult sketch or lots of parts and pieces to make a dramatic card.

This card, along with many other Mother's Day and Christian cards can be found in our Etsy shop. Come visit us at


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