Where Is Your Focus?

On the days when I'm so busy I can hardly breathe, the very last thing I want to do is hunt all over the house for a pencil.

Yes, it's the home of a writer and I couldn't find a pencil anywhere!

I found a couple of pens, but they were both out of ink. The first pencil I found wouldn't even write for need of a pencil sharpener. I was 0-for-3.

So in my frustration I dug around in a box that I thought had a pencil sharpener and came across this funny shaped pencil. I might as well have been slapped upside the head. It's in the shape of eye glasses and says "Turn you eyes upon Jesus."

In the midst of my busyness and rush, I realized that my head has been in the wrong place. I've been so focused on getting things done that I've taken my eyes off Jesus. That's why I'm so frazzled and crazed. My eyes are in the wrong place and on the wrong people.

Our God is not the author of confusion - that's a Biblical truth. So when you feel like the proverbial chicken without a head, that's the time to do an eye exam and see what you're actually focused on.

Sometimes it's a simple thing that brings your focus back where it belongs. I pray it stays there - on Jesus Christ.


  1. Thank you for the great reminder! And I love the pencil :)


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