Sunday Sketch

I've been having so much fun with this sketch this week.

This sketch is a great way to play with your embellishments and some of those great fibers I know you have tucked away. I could probably make this card a hundred times and it would never look the same way twice.

Yes, that speaks to my craft supply hoarding tendencies. Please don't judge me.

Before attaching the top layer of background paper, adhere the ends of the fiber to the back. This will hide the ends quickly and easily without a whole lot of bulk.

Then the phrase, image or embellishment can be matted in the bottom corner to offset the embellishment on the fiber.

For this example, I used some great coordinating paper and a coordinating button. The fiber has some sparkle in it, so it really stands out from the darker paper behind it.

A small, simple phrase in the bottom corner balances everything out perfectly.

So start using your imagination - play with paper combinations, different buttons or images on the string, another image instead of a phrase in the corner. I love all the choices this sketch has in it.

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